Workshop I-2016

05 May 2016


May 5, the first (№ I-2016) scientific workshop on physico-chemical methods of analysis of organic compounds.

Poster I-2016 (in russian)

The event was attended by 29 people (staff, PhD- and undergraduate students of 4 scientific labs and 3 departments of Tomsk State Univesity and Tomsk Polytechnic University).
Workshop  included presentations:

1. Plenary lecture
Practical basis for the use of NMR spectroscopy in organic chemistry
prof. A.A. Bakibaev
Russia, Tomsk, TSU Laboratory of orgnic synthesis

During the lecture sanctified the basics of NMR spectroscopy: nature and physical fundamentals of NMR, method terminology, the factors affecting the value of the chemical shift in the H1 and C13 spectroscopy, nature and features of splitting signals in H1-spectra.

2. Key report
Methods of analysis of glycoluril and it's derivatives
D.A. Kurgachev
Russia, Tomsk, TSU Laboratory of physico-chemical analytical methods

Analysis conditions of glycoluril and its derivatives (methylol-, dimethyl-, etoxymethylol- glycoluril derivatives, halogen derivatives of tetramethylglycoluril, C1-C5 alkoxy derivatives of tetramethylol glycoluril) by HPLC  were presented